John Wright  - Founder/Engineer/Producer

John Wright  - Founder/Engineer/Producer

The Villa has one Main room large enough to handle most any sized group (I have accommodated a 15 piece choir). There are four additional rooms for isolation with plenty of head phones and personal mixing stations for individualized monitoring. The console is a Soundtracks CP6800 which is a British Desk (with a classic "British" sound) from the early 80's. I am defiantly an "out of the box" mixing guy. I believe the sound, presence  and stereo imaging created by using an analog desk to mix through does make a noticeable improvement with the added warmth and clarity that we have all heard on so many "classic" recordings.  The Villa uses  a PC based system with Apogee conversion as a recording device with plenty of bells and whistles.  This includes a number of UAD Powered Plug Ins; Waves bundles and many others. The studio also has a number of great Tube Pre Amps to compliment all the great pre's in the console. For more info on our gear shoot us a call or schedule a tour... 

For those artists that have songs but no band, The Villa can help. We have access to an amazing pool of the best talent the Twin Cities has to offer at a reasonable price to help realize the artist's musical vision, from the most delicate Folk to the loudest Heavy Metal. 

 If you already have completed tracks you would like mixed through an analog console to bring in that element of warmth to your project we would love to hear what you are doing. Contact me and let's talk about how to get your project done.



27 Years - July Skies
A New England Christmas - (For New Folk Records)
Andy White - Live at Oak Center (*)
Baby Moses - Things are Looking Up (+)
Bag Pipes of Scotland - (With Laura Mackenzie for Compass Productions)(*)
Big John Dickerson and Blue Chamber - Arms of the Blues (+)
Boiled in Lead - Silver (*)
Boiled in Lead - Well Below the Valley (*)
Cowabunga Christmas - (For New Folk Records)
Daithi Sproule - Lost River Vol. 1
Daithi Sproule - The Crow in the Sun (*)
Dan Bergman - Happy/Sad (+)
Darren Crossy - Coming Home
Dave Evans - At No Time
Galactic Cowboy orchestra - Songs We Didn’t Write Vol. 2
Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - All Out of Peaches
Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - Lookin' For a Little Strange
Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - Songs We Didn’t Write Vol. 1
Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - zombie mouth, Earth Lift
Geoff Elvee - Big Wheels
Geoff Elvee - It’s About Time
Gini Dodds - Good Medicine (*)
Gini Dodds - Melodrama
Greg Herriges - It Plays Me
Greg Herriges - Telluric Currents
Hounds of Finn - Songs of Men in Boats
Jane Anfinson - Precious Details
Jimi “Prime Time Smith” - Back on Track
John Wright - At Cross Purposes
John Wright - Just Left of Center
Judy Richardson - For My Children
Julie Ann Baily - Powerless
Karie Oberg - Hard Times
Kevin Bowe - Restoration (+)
Langers Ball - The Devil and the Barrel, Whiskey Outlaws
Laura Mackenzie and Daithi Sproule - The Pinery (*)
Laura Mackenzie - Evidence (*)
Laura Mackenzie - Laura and the Lads
Larry Carpenter - Old Voice
Lehto & Wright - A Game of Chess

Lehto & Wright - Between the Jigs and the Reels
Lehto & Wright - Children's Songs
Lehto & Wright - Live at the Focal Point
Lehto & Wright - November
Lehto & Wright - Shenandoah
Lehto & Wright - The Further Adventures of Darling Cory
Lehto & Wright - The Thrashing Machine
Lehto & Wright - Ye Mariners All
Mark Stary & The Whiskey Roses - Mark Stary & The Whiskey Roses (*)
Marilyn GrafstromMorning By Morning
Meg Lawson - Found My Nerve
Mick Sterling - Blessed Songs for Christmas, AT CHRISTMAS (Scenes & Songs)
Ole Ask - Flight 653
Ole Ask - Turning Point
Paul Mayasich - I love Your Soup
Paul Mayasich - Times Are Hard
Paul Mayasich - Where You Been
Pete Kavanaugh - Very Messy
Rumgumption - Cross the Roaring Main (*)
Rvyrwud - Love and Geography
Smell My Pillow - No Control (*)
Smell My Pillow - Smell My Pillow (*)
Stephen J. SchmidtThe RoadHeartland
The HiBs - 40 Acre Notch (*)
The Irish Brigade - Live at the Half Time Rec
The Wrong OmarZemblanity
Thirty Three (INC) - Shine On Me
Tim Mahoney - Three Different Views (+)
Timothy Starks - Self Titled
Todd Menton - Punts (*)
Todd Menton - The Dolmen Field
Todd Menton - Where Will You Land?, Rosie in the Stars
Us - It
Us - Mind Bender
Us - Us
Wild Colonial Bhoys - Live - Whats it too Ya? (*)             
Wild Colonial Bhoys - Irish in America
Willie West - Can’t Help Myself
Willie West - The Long Road Home