Chris Squire

When I first heard the bass playing of Chris Squire I was too young to know what it was that was unique, special and groundbreaking about his approach to the instrument.  Not having yet taken up the bass myself  (I was a late bloomer...21 when I really dug in...) I was a fan of the songs and the band as a whole.

As I became more invested/obsessed with the instrument and was trying to find a voice myself I started to hear the intricacies of what he was doing and the 'marveling stage' set in. Then there were the interviews read and articles on his rig etc. how did he get that tone etc etc. of which there have been volumes created. A couple of pivotal moments for me were the song "Awaken" which to this day is in my top 10 and the live version of "Gates of Delirium" from "Yes Shows" (which is also in my top 10)  the latter of which was mixed by Squire hence the nice audibility of the bass and drums. The composition and technical execution of those two pieces  is quite amazing.  In reading the books and interviews with other band members it would seem that he was a tireless individual and was the driving force behind that organization. That is evident in how he played as well. There was that extra element he carried, along with many of the other guys he worked with, that meant he was able to covey a lot with just one note...or, sometimes many. This is the  main thing I would carry with me from his playing...his ability to make each note count and carry a certain weight. 

Squire had his influences and countless other musicians, including me, have been influenced by him. So goes the process. The beauty of the modern age of recording is that legacy's of that nature will live forever hopefully inspiring more young players to dig deeper.

RIP Chris Squire.