March 13, 2015

Today I spent time on The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra. I retracked the bass and created a rough mix for one of the pieces on our upcoming release. The song is tentatively titled, The Demented Waltz. I also tweaked a live mix of Raga Piloo that features GCO with the Austin Symphony Orchestra from an amazing concert we did a little less than a month ago. It's a challenge mixing live audio, but I enjoy it. The show wasn't recorded with a lot of microphones or DIs, so I'm trying to make it sound up close yet not too far away and make sure you can hear the orchestra, all 60 pieces of them. Lots of EQ cutting and boosting and automation to make it work... There is plenty of orchestra in the drum overheads and not as much orchestra as I would like in the orchestra mics, but the mix is pretty close. This will be synced up with some video for a 10 minute piece that KSMQ Public Television is doing on the collaboration. The Off 90 Presents piece will be aired next month. Here's the current version of that mix, more to follow:

Until next time,